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make fiberglass boat mold

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make fiberglass boat mold

Four Advantages of using aluminum to build a boat

There are many different types of materials used for href = ""> build boats for modern times. Throughout the history of the vast majority of boats were built with wood. In the modern era where technology has allowed us to use more sophisticated materials for boat building. The purpose of this paper is on the four benefits of using aluminum in ship construction which are weight, speed, repair and manufacturing sustainability.

Weight – When the construction of one boat factors Important to consider is the weight that the weight affects the buoyancy of the vessel. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but still provides the force necessary to build a solid boat hull. Aluminum also allows a boat to transport heavy cargo that a boat made with a steel hull. A lighter the hull, also the fuel that can make a cheaper aluminum hull.

Speed – Since aluminum is a material more light it allows the boat to travel faster when driven by a sail, motor, or anything else for that matter.

Repair – Repair of an aluminum boat is much easier to do a think. For example, you can easily repair an aluminum hull with a hammer unprecedented. If the tooth is for some reason can not be repaired with a hammer so you can easily cut dented area with a saw and replace it with another piece. This repair is not possible with a fiberglass boat.

Manufacturing Durability – Aluminum is a soft metal and can be welded to any design or shape of an aluminum hull is relatively easy to manufacture. The fabrication of an aluminum boat is not as time intensive as the boats made of steel or fiberglass that require a mold for production. aluminum boats are also very strong, as opposed to fiberglass boats that are fragile and break easily, even by the slightest impact. hulls aluminum are robust and can withstand all weather conditions. One of the best characteristics of aluminum is its ability to resist corrosion of salt water in salt water which is a characteristic that steel hulls do not have.

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