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fiberglass molds for concrete

April 4th, 2011 No comments

fiberglass molds for concrete
I need to know how to make fiberglass molds polyurethane / for the cement concrete planter as producrs

I was looking in the same kind of project and found a wealth of useful information Basically, you create a copy of the element to be launched (called a "cap"), then cover it with gel coat, which form the mold surface. After that, you will have the layer of fiberglass and resin coated on the sheet until you reached the desired thickness. Since your finished product will be hollow, you actually need two molds that "nest", but the process would be the same for both. I included the link to the website below. They also sell all the materials you will need, if you might be able to find them cheaper locally or on another site.

Dura-Blu fiberglass sink molds for concrete

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