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cement fiberglass siding

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cement fiberglass siding
How can you connect effectivly polyethylene pipe (polyethylene pipe) to ABS pipe?

I'm looking to stick or solder these two pipes (there are hundreds of connections) so that the possibility of using the connectors are out. I tried to cement ABS but it does not stick with polyethylene. Then I'm fiberglass resin with hardener added. Currently they are implementing. I want it to hold under moderate pressure (20 psi max). This is a side project, no worries at all contractors, not for use the house!

The only real way to connect the two is a mechanical assembly, which is two units and not glue. You must go Polypipe in ABS, somewhere, Tee off there and on the side that is not a T he female adapter. The next thing is the size of the facility regardless of your poly, is that if you have 2 "ABS and 1" poly, Bush connection down. if it accepts 1 "male poly device. Do Remember to tighten the two joints teflon tape is optional, but not a bad investment if you do not leak wan … Use two clamps maintain the poly on the support. To prevent the clips from the flattening of poly oneside and prefent a leak. I played this question if someone else may come with a better solution, I'll be able to learn from him. DK

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