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fiberglass building panels

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fiberglass building panels
Covering body panel seams with Bondo?

a body panel fiberglass body and a metal original panel. The metal is bent in an additional 1 / 4 inch so it looks like shit. I could set up a group of Bondo and then join the 2 seals and make it look like a coin, but with much more than Bondo, it may crack. The panels 2 are already held together by 4 or 5 bolts and its very strong. What I want to do is get rid of the seam is shown in the link is below but with an old truck and vibrations stretch the seams and whether it will what is a better way to cover the seam.

It is a blow …… If a weekend truck show her … I sand two flat panels as I could get, then do a few layers of Bondo (ice) on her, feathers and paint. The seal does not appear that large and should not be a problem. Perhaps the Bondo to bristles w / fiberglass for more bite and power. You can also add several screws to ensure its a good fit tight together. If you are still, even with all that …. then remove all the screws that makes these panels, and to small rubber washers on the screws. To add this little cushion lightweight and flexible. It's one of those, take your time, mainly work custom. Hate to add cash or lose the originality … perhaps share those wings, metal and plastic? Then you can actually weld plastic 2 panels together, Bondo and paint as normal, turn to 1 full piece. If you are good w / metal … you can always roll up the rim as you mentioned. And redo the lips to mimic plastic. Thus, its less of a seam and made to more like a body line. Like its suppose to be there. You can ask the body guys 100 … and I'm sure you'll get 100 ways to do. Nice truck … I do bumper repair mobile touch paint, etc. for online brokers high. I met some older trucks like this. Thought several times to get one and what makes my work truck. To have this "stand alone" look.

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