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cleaning fibreglass bathtubs

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cleaning fibreglass bathtubs

Non-toxic cleaning around the house – Part 1

Maybe you have sensitive skin, or a child has asthma, you may do not want to use chemicals around your home. There are so many products in our supermarkets for use in household cleaners, it is absolutely overwhelming. Think about it. If we bought an item for each job in our house, we will most likely end up with hundreds of cleaning products in our closet. Well, I'm here to tell you that Grandma was probably right. Just a few simple know-how, elbow grease and the right ingredients to make your own nontoxic cleaning products.

Just go online and look at the many sites that sell cleaning products. I found too many to browse through and, frankly, it has become quite a chore. Learn to make homemade recipes that can really be satisfied, and much cheaper especially if you take the time to understand how some of the work supplies. Here are a few simple ingredients that are safe, effective, inexpensive, and make excellent cleaning products.

Baking soda – (aka baking soda)
Inorganic compound, white, crystalline salt of sodium, NaHCO3 chemical formula. It is a weak base and dissociates into water and carbon dioxide as it dissolves in the presence of hydrogen ions. As well as for household antacid, cleaner and deodorizer, it is used in the manufacture of effervescent salts and beverages and yeast. Industrial uses include the production of salt Sodium others, treatment of wool and silk, and use in pharmaceuticals, rubber foam, fire extinguishers, cleaners, reagents laboratory, mouthwash, used in bath salts and deodorant body powders, and gold and platinum plating.

Sprinkled on a damp sponge or cloth, baking soda can be used as a mild non-abrasive kitchen countertops, sinks, bathtubs, ovens, and fiberglass. has ordered a huge section with literally thousands of ads. If you register, login and search, you will find a wealth of information on all commodities that I mentioned here.

Baking soda removes perspiration odors and even neutralize the smell of many chemicals if you add a cup per load to the laundry. It is a useful air freshener and a fine carpet deodorizer cleaning dentures. It is also present in some products mouthwash and anti-plaque toothpaste.

When baking soda is used as a cleaner in paste form or dry on a damp sponge, its crystalline structure provides a gentle abrasion that helps to remove dirt without scratching sensitive surfaces. Its slight alkalinity works turn up fatty acids contained in dirt and grease into a form of soap that can be dissolved in water and rinse easily. is a fantastic site, where I searched and found some recipes for natural beauty products cleaning. This site recommends that the natural cleaning or "green cleaning" is a way to clean your home with fewer cleaning products and alternatives safe.

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General Housekeeping : How to Clean a Fiberglass Tub

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