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s10 fiberglass hood

August 31st, 2007 No comments

chevy lift kit and tires?

I have a 1989 Chevy S10 2WD single cab long bed that I want to raise and Nice on tires. I want to be able to clear superswampers 34X10.5 rims 15×8. I thought an elevator 5 inches with 3 inch body lift, then the fiberglass fenders, hood and bedside for him give the appearance PreRunner. Has anyone done or seen this before? the main thing is I just want to be able to clear the importance Thank 34s only not want to really use it off road. if I were, I would just like to make a full PreRunner. I just want to stay high on the ground. Im going with superswamppers because I can get them for really cheap. also it has the 4.3 V6 engine, so power isn't really a problem

why lift a 2WD? the exchange in a 4×4 s10. you'd end up spending the same if not more money on lifting 2WD 4WD like you would. If you really keen to make your truck, preparing for a large number of fenders cut just to fit 34 on a 2WD even after putting the lift about it.

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