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australian fibreglass boats

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australian fibreglass boats

Top Fishing Tips for this Snapper Season

My best advice for catching Snapper snapper this season are designed to help you get a great fish this year.

First, start by fishing .

Snapper fishing is popular enough to warrant specific title = "Fishing Rods"> fishing rods and reels, and a particular line and setting the hook. Not to mention other options, such the soft plastics I will also watch.

Snapper Rods

Buy the right target = "_blank" title = "Rods Snapper"> fishing rod snapper is important. Snapper is a struggle against the fish, and love to take the hard line and run away from the boat. Snapper rod should be greater than a conventional boat rod and a solid heel for a good lifting force (some snapper will be more than 10 pounds in weight) and a tip action flexible enough to allow the maximum pressure to be applied to the hook at any time.

My advice is to buy a fiberglass rod snapper, the length of 7 feet (2.1 m) and 7-8 guides. There are variations on this, and if you Can not find the stem Snapper a, then a spinning rod designed to catch Barramundi in Northern Australia would be a good approximation.

Reels Snapper Fishing

Ahh, now we come to the important element, the coil of the best fishing of the snapper!

There are 3 options. A regular spinning reel with anti reverse, a bait runner style reel (drag settings double) or a coil charge General.

The most experienced fisherman snapper I can use the bait runner style reel. It has a number of advantages, those:

  • spinning reels are easier to use for beginners and general coils
  • They can recover quicker online
  • The double sliding feature allows the fish to run with your bait before striking.

This This last point is most important. Snapper do not feel the tension on the bait. If they take a bait, they do not want to 'pull' it. once Snapper catches a fish, he'll swim off, and the bait moves a little further in his mouth. Itis at this point that you want to strike, Browse through a coil of his drag light, the regular drag mode. This process is designed to obtain a large hook attached.

So my best advice for a spool of snapper SI to buy a spool of BaitRunner style, with rod style mentioned above.

Line and Hooks

Snapper address should be reaosnably heavy. There is no real advantage either for the use of braid or monofilament. It comes down to personal preference.

hook sizes are determined by location, bait, and fish size.

Bay of Westernpost in Victoria, for example, and in some waters of South Australia, the largest fish are possible if a hook size 7 / 0 or even more would be appropriate. For other berries, perhaps where there are more "pinkies" or snapper junior size hooks 5 / 0 can be preferable.

Line should be strong enough to withstand the fight, but enough to leave a little sport! My suggestion is to use the line approximately 20 pounds Mono strength.


There are many options for the bait, but my Tip Top is try some. The most popular are all Silver Whiting, the whole party and squid, sardines full, and soft plastics, snapper and thieves.

In Victoria, Silver Whiting costs are the most popular, with Pilchards.

For soft plastics, my advice is to try 5 "shad light green and pink. In the range of Berkley soft plastics, this color is known as the nuclear chicken.

Fishing zones and tactics

For bait fishing, hunting, leave no tension on your line and wait for dusk / dawn for the best chance. Look for changes in the elevation of bottom structure such as rocks, etc., where fish may congregate. pass through the bays during Snapper season, in shallow areas and more based on water temperature and moon phases. Find a local store to get their best advice for the Takla area!

For soft plastics, molded plastic with a medium weight. Drop down and shrinking back to the boat. Snapper tend to feed close the bottom, so keep your stockings plastic. When you get near the boat, shaking all the way through the water for the boat could give good results.

Snapper thieves are lured templates that can be retrived or left at the bottom. You can get excellent results with them!

In summary, these few tips to help you make more Snapper. Buy Snapper fishing right tackle, as the rod, reel and bait and you took care of the base. Then, its up to you to find the fish!

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