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exterior double doors fiberglass

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exterior double doors fiberglass
French door installation?

I installed prehung exterior double French doors and I can not get to close properly. The inactive portion closes perfectly, but the other door seems too far and will not be closer. I can not close the door if I open the times and close simultaneously. They are fiberglass so I can bevel the door. Advice? You mean take the hinge off the door of the amount and put the cardboard between the two then tighten?

Working from top to bottom, cut very thin slices of cardboard. They need to be flat, no card wavy. Cut strips 1 / 4 inches wide. Loosen the screws on the side of the amount of the hinge. Put one or two blocks behind the hinge side stop hinge. Tighten the screws and do the same for the remaining hinges. If necessary, add more. This will pull the door tight the jamb, which gives more clearance in the center. Hope this helps. EDIT: If you still have access to shims between the frame and the frame, loosen and see if those pulling on the door. Otherwise, you can wedge the hinges as I said above. You do not need all Remove the hinge, simply loosen enough that you can slide the cardboard between the hinge and the amount. Do not let that change the angle of the hinge barrel, pulling the door near the door jamb. Make sure the filler card is on the side of the abutment of the hinge. Good luck.

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