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double wall fiberglass pipe

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double wall fiberglass pipe
Chimney installation through concrete foundation – insulating necessary?

I want to install an outdoor fireplace for my wood stove and the horizontal piece is the side of the foundation (all concrete – no fuel). I am aware that the concrete I do not need to use the cartridge wall (and indeed can not because the hole is not large enough to accommodate it), but do I insulate around the pipe? The chimney is already double wall insulation, but I thought if removing the flashing out of the cartridge and place it on my hole for a beautiful finish to the outside then using fiberglass insulation between the two. Is this a good idea and pass it to WETT inspection? The reason I want to isolate the hole is simply to eliminate any future project or loss of heat. In the installation manual that comes with my chimney he said cartridge is not necessary for concrete walls. It makes no mention of the insulation, however.

I always throw a dice Sewing clay, no matter what type of wall, I'll make the hole … more … including regular use of insulation, use of a refractory insulation which is a fiber of spun glass ceramic and not … a brand name is Kaowool Wool (kay-o) …

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