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fiberglass or paper tape

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fiberglass or paper tape
How to repair cracks in the ceiling?

Cracks appear in a dining room and guest room. I went through a lot articles in different bands, which briefly describes how to fix the problem. If I understand the basic steps are: 1. mesh tape fiberglass to cover the use of crack, using assembly composed for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd layer, 3. paint. My question here is should I remove all the old materials near the crack, as the ancient mud and bunch of old papers? I think one of the causes cracks could be that the paper tape used in the construction was halted. Therefore, it is best to remove the tape waste paper, old compound connection, and put tape and assembly of new compounds. Does anyone know exactly what do? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Use a latex caulk good for cracks. After the Drys caulking, painting and the crack disappears generally in the eye. If they are larger, you have good idea of removing and reinstalling the registration and the compound. Cracks can be caused by a multitude of reasons. levels of dry weather, wet weather, the humidity in the house, the structure of the house.

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