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28 foot ladder fiberglass

September 30th, 2004 No comments

28 foot ladder fiberglass
What do u suggest ………………?

I am 13 years old and yesterday I had to lift one of these 28 ladders fiberglass up for a ball on the roof and I had to raise the level benith it to scale to reach the roof (I lifted level as the people who work on the weight of large). I did up in less than a minute. I did't feel that the scale was that heavy (even if it was 28 feet high), because it was made of fiberglass. The next day I felt a horrible pain in the area bone by the tail and the lower spine. I only feel pain when I sit or bend my body. I want to be when I grow great, because I want to play pro BKB when I grow up. Is pain a sign that I do not grow more? Will I stop growing? Can I be wrong? If please help me!

you strained your back. you grow normally

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