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cleaning fiberglass shower floors

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cleaning fiberglass shower floors
What is the best product for cleaning spray and set up outside a bath / shower not porcelain.?

I do not know if the bath is fiberglass or some kind of plastic, but it has a "non-slip coating on the bottom or floor of the tub. I would not dissolve or disrupt the mat, but if I can clean the scum buildup I would gladly sacrifice the flooring. Of course, I do not want to damage the tub itself.

I prefer Oxy products for cleaning scummy, built dirt in the bathroom and kitchen … Another Orange Gel is good for cutting grease and grime built. Also, once cleaned Oxy Complete bathroom Free Scrub Gel is ideal to keep clean once you build off.

House Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips : Cleaning Tips for Fiberglass Showers

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