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nov fiberglass systems

Magic Kingdom Fun Facts

Opening Day

On November 11, 1965, more than forty years, Walt Disney has announced what he called his project in Florida. Six years later Walt Disney World has officially opened its doors October 1, 1971. Planners expected 100,000 visitors, but only 10,000 appeared. This disappointment was short-lived. Since 1971, Walt Disney World has been host to 130 million people over 100 countries.

The opening day, there were 23 sites in six thematic areas: Main Street USA Adventureland, Liberty Square, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Property Purchases

MT Lott Realty was one of the pseudonyms Walt used to purchase private land around Orlando. If you say fast it sounds like: "wasteland". A curious reporter from Miami has made searches and learned that the owner of MT Lott Realty was Mrs. Minnie Mouse. Walt did it so that owners would not be an escalation of prices – knowing who he was. He bought his first acre of land for $ 80 and one for $ 80,000. Thus his plan worked for a short time anyway.

Castle Design

Artist Herbert Ryman, joined the creative team Walt Disney Studios in California in 1938. He has worked on films such as Dumbo and Fantasia. In 1953, Walt asked Ryman to sketch out the original design of Disneyland taking it in a new direction in his career. (It was during these years that Walt Disney Imagineering has invented the word.)

Ryman was then asked to design the Cinderella Castle at Disney World. It began with a charcoal sketch, which he developed into an array. He used several French castles for his inspiration, and the film Cinderella. The construction of the castle began in 1969, and it took 18 months to complete. Six hundred tons steel were used in the frame. The castle is 189 feet high. Inside the castle, an apartment for the Disney family has been designed and built inside the upper floors, but it was never completed or occupied.

What inside Castle now? A store that sells crystal glass ornaments, and a restaurant called Cinderella's Royal Table.

Cinderella's Carousel Golden

1967 Disney Cinderella's Golden Carousel bought the Olympic Park in Maplewood, New Jersey. The carousel was built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, one of the most prestigious companies carousel. Ninety of the carousel horses are original, hand-carved from wood. In addition, there are eleven horses fiberglass made by Disney.

Cinderella horse is in second place horses. It is the only one who has a golden bow on its tail. The horses outside the arena are the largest, decreasing in size to the smallest horses in the center. The next time you are on the carousel notice that only the side facing outward is intricately detailed. The side facing inland is simple.

Early Morning Rehearsals

As members of the Cinderella Castle stage shows can not repeat while visitors are in the park, they have to schedule a time before the park opens. They report for rehearsals on stage at five o'clock in the morning. Now only the beginning! The rehearsals, until the park opens.

It takes nearly 60,000 members to keep the show going cast Walt Disney World. With more than 3,000 job roles available, we could not find a more diverse group anywhere.

Costumes for everyone

Costuming is a major company to Disney World. Creative designs the costumes, the creation or purchase of all the costumes worn by artists from Walt Disney World – about 3,500 of them. The Ministry has also provided costumes for the entire property, including parks Magic Kingdom, resorts, firefighters, security, bus drivers, landscapers, food service, and ranch hands. And remember 926 Audio-Animatronics ® figures. All 12,000 are provided with costumes as well.

More than one million meters of fabric are used for new suits, while more than 2 million meters were kept in the overall inventory. That's a lot of fabric.

Magic Moments

Dream Squad members are required to take in-depth training on company heritage and culture. At work, they create custom guest interactions, such the creation of a coloring station for small near an attraction in height restrictive. Or they can award prizes at random, as a return to Walt Disney World Resort or a Dream FASTPASS, under the Disney Dreams Giveaway. These cast members support energetic and enjoy the creation magical moments where they share their passion for the Walt Disney World Resort with guests of all ages.

Friends of Animals

Disney's Animal Kingdom is home to 33 species listed as threatened or endangered. The institution participates in international cooperation breeding programs that take strategic steps to increase the populations of animals through captive breeding.

These programs ensure that the populations of these endangered species will develop. Since the park opened, more than 116 species have reproduced in Disney's Animal Kingdom. These births are successful mandrills, gorillas, black rhinos, white rhinos and the okapi.


While at Disney World is huge. Walt Disney World is home to the highest of the two "mountains" in Florida: Big Thunder Mountain, which amounted to 197 feet high and Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, which is 180 feet high. The third highest mountain in the Magic Kingdom is Splash Mountain, standing 87 feet high above


Big Thunder Mountain has taken 10 years of planning and 18 months of work to complete. The construction used 650 tonnes of steel, 4,675 tons of specially made "mud", and more than 9,000 gallons of paint. The cost of $ 17 million is equal to that of the opening of Disneyland in California in 1955. In addition, $ 300,000 was spent on the sets authentic.

Spic and Span

Walt Disney's penchant for cleanliness comes first plan that teams from Disney World remediation work 24 hours a day. They pick up garbage and dump it in systems VBAC in the park. Garbage is then drawn to a central location for processing. The system moves waste through the pipes VBAC at 60 miles per hour in the air. System operates at 20 minute intervals. Some cons to the noise of a tornado approaching quickly, then you through. The system moves the garbage from all points around the park to a central location where it is processed and recycled.

Bottom Line

If you want to Headlining the events or go behind the scenes to learn fun facts little known, it is equal to the same message: Disney World is certainly magical place where dreams become reality.

A quote from Walt himself sums up:
"In my opinion, pleasure healthy sport and recreation are as vital to this country as a productive work and should have a share of the national budget. "

Let's all write to our legislators!

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