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composite fiberglass panels

April 30th, 2003 No comments

composite fiberglass panels
Can dents be removed from a Pontiac Solstice in a pop-tools tooth? Works on fiberglass or metal?

My car was launched in a parking lot and a big shoe companies tooth above the rear passenger tire. I have seen ads on TV for fixing teeth vs call you insurance and pay a lot of money. Do things work? Do they work on cars, or just on my old one was metal? Remember that the panel is a composite of some sort … not metal (but not sure). Thank you all in advance.

I did PDR for 7 years. Dry ice is a myth that will not work. Try to find a man of paintless dent repair first and see what he thinks not all students can be taken with this method, but it is much cheaper and saves your original painting, if this can be done. If you can not find one in the yellow pages go to your local dealer, most use them all, and who is the best.

Separating Bonded Fiberglass Panels

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