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how to spray fiberglass resin

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how to spray fiberglass resin
Spraying epoxy resin to create fiberglass mold?

I have a sculpture with an outer layer of epoxy resin surface. I waxed and polished 5 times, and sprayed PVA 5 times, letting each dry before the next. I then tried to use a HVLP spray gun with a peak of 1.7 mm surface layer epoxy spray for mold, but even at high pressure, the epoxy is too think to pass by firearms – I just bit him splashing out. The epoxy is of BP3042. Since not, I tried the application of the resin with a fine brush, very soft. Nevertheless, it remains to beat PVA, and I had to abandon the process and clean up. Anyone have tips on how to obtain the epoxy resin layer on the surface? I know I could use polyurethane and thin, but I work my garage, and the smell would be harmful to the neighbors, so I would like to stick with the epoxy resin.

mixing in a wheelbarrow. Pooh snot, urine so you can scrape a little film that could benefit. Now … spread over the prepared surface before application resin with a hand full of toilet paper, a dry ley. I hope this is some help.

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