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fibreglass lining paper

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fibreglass lining paper
I want to know what I'm protecting my fireplace with a fighter not to take my house on fire?

I had a fireplace Chase '30 Added to my house has a basement walkout. The inner wall of the hunt Tyvek on it. The hunt is 2 'deep and 4' wide. My wood stove that I want to use a 6 "diameter pipe outlet. The framers of the building to drive from 2 x 4 wood and insulated with fiber mats glass with paper left on the face of the interior of the hunt. This seems like it will burn. I know that the habit of fiberglass insulation burn but melt? I think I'm 8-9 "Liquidation of a centered 6" pipe. Is it enough? Should I reduce the size of the pipe to several projects? How do I protect the house wall, Anything? Ideas on the temperature of the tailpipe? What does it take to melt the insulation Fiberglass? Am I in line with the drywall? Thank you for your ideas. Mark

It would be great if you could rock inside hunting, but the man can be a factor. However, the triplebestos s / s pipes hunting have enough air in time to relax without fear of fire or collapse in the race as long as you have permission you say.

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