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us body fiberglass

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us body fiberglass
What is the best way to remove paint on the body of a Corvette in 1969?

We have a Chevy Corvette 1969 and we are restore it. What is the best way to remove paint on the body? It is fiberglass. I hear people Media blasting, sanding, stripping, etc. Whats the best and safest way to remove paint from the fiberglass body? Another quick question, what color is the fiberglass on the gross cars? even if none of you have pictures of good information that we could use to help us on the path we really appreciate it. This projection about soda?

Sanding. Media blasting since fiberglass is so sweet, will be fully live up to the surface that the media will not be able make the difference between painting and fiberglass. Sanding. pickling solutions could also mess with the integrity of the fiber glass and give you more problems than you imagined. So when you have completely stripped, please contact a body shop that works well with the fiber glass, or a Corvette shop if one exists in your area. You'll need to rework all areas with spider cracks, and fiberglass to dry and must be reworked before Prime Minister and paint again. In other words, check with some shops for you to see what you must do to restore normal life in the fiberglass. It is generally white or cream-colored nature. If you have dark areas or something like that, someone has probably corrected with marine material. I suggest finding a club near you Corvette and communicate with them, and you'll be surprised by the pointers, they can give you, and where they can refer you to find other things. Parts, etc. You may be interested to know that '69 Also offered seven (7) engine options. They were as follows: Base Engine: 350 cid with 300 horsepower at 4,800 rpm, Rochester four Barrell Option # 1: [SAM] L46 350 cid with 350 horsepower, four barrell Rochester Optional Engine # 2: [RPO L36] 427 cid with 390 horsepower at 5400 rpm, Holley four barrell carburetor Optional Engine # 3: [RPO L68] 427 cid with 400 horsepower, three Holley two Barrell Carburetors Optional Engine # 4: [RPO L71] 427 cid with 435 horsepower at 5,800 rpm, three Barrell Holley Carburetors two optional engine # 5: [RPO L88] 427 cid with 560 horsepower @ 6400 rpm, Holley four barrell carburetor Optional Engine # 6: RPO L89 [] 427 cid with 435 horsepower, four barrell Holley carburetor Optional Engine # 7: [RPO LZL1] 427 cid with 430 horsepower, four barrell Holley carburetor aluminum multiple

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