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how to build fiberglass kayak

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how to build fiberglass kayak
Fiberglass over foam to build a boat – how to do things?

I construct a CAD model of a boat which I am slicing and spant have plywood cut by a cutting laser. I will then assemble the 3D spant plywood and fill the gaps with foam. Then I put fiberglass on everything. It is supposed to end up being a mixture of a jet-skiing and sea kayaking, about 6 feet long, propelled by 2 to 3 HP outboard motor to travel on a bay in southern New Zealand (saltwater). Does anyone know how to prepare the foam fiberglass, or should I just whip sand and later, with the filling until it is smooth? Perhaps all links to relevant sites known? Cheers.

I built a wooden canoe I fiberglassed more. Clean the foam with a solvent that will not melt you drape the cloth and fiberglass is to brush with resin (mixed with hardener). The most difficult part is to ensure that you do not air between the fabric and everything you put on the canvas. Start at one end and work your way to the other end of the resin. if you always a wet to continue with. After it dries (a day or two) a light sanding, wipe the dust to get off of it and ensure there is no oil and go at it again with the resin. It should take 3 or 4 layers completely fill the weave and you get a smooth finish. Then you can paint the color you want. Site that may interest you is

how to build a kayak, night one

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